Domaine Saint-Pierre de Trapel

Wine sale

We have always been passionate to find the treasures of this beautiful region of the Languedoc-Roussillon which welcomed us 14 years ago. During our walks, our encounters we have fallen in love with the landscape of vineyards and as lovers of good wine, it has been a real pleasure to plunge into the discovery of different wine terroirs so close to each other geographically but so different and so rich.

diVin d'OcThus we have discovered, appreciated and selected wines issuing from the work of independent vintners. They regularly embellish our table and help us appreciate the rich palette of wine from our region.

And now we propose to give you the pleasure of profiting from all our “work” of tasting that began 14 years ago and continues.

We invite you to discover with our friends winemakers, a tasting of the wines we love, on our web site diVin d’Oc.



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