Domaine Saint-Pierre de Trapel


After relaxing by the pool or in the Domaine’s extensive gardens, there’s nothing better than a stroll beside the Canal du Midi. Plane trees dating from the XVIIIth century, now standing more than XX metres tall, line the banks. Beyond, stretch the neat rows of the Minervois vineyards. This walk is particularly beautiful at sunset. as the light turns from gold to crimson, the intricate patterns of the leaves and branches are painted on the Canal below.

La Cité Médiévale de Carcassonne

At 5 mn from the Domaine Saint-Pierre de Trapel: the Medieval City of Carcassonne and the Canal du Midi, two places registered at Patrimoine Mondial de l’Humanité by UNESCO.

Canal du Midi

Queribus et vignoble


- Of the city of Carcassonne and its famous abbeys - Fontfroide, Lagrasse, Saint-Hilaire and Saint-Papoul, following the route of the Cathar Castles, together with the Roman churches tucked away in many of the ancient villages.

- in the regional museums and their numerous permanent exhibitions (catharism, the Templars, Dinosaurs, Historical Architecture etc...)

- of touring the delightful routes through the regions of Cabardes, Minervois or Corbieres where the ever-changing scenery will delight you.

- amongst the many displays and festivals….Carcassonne "on fire" and the festival of Carcassonne in July, the mediaeval celebrations in August, the Carnival of Limoux from January to March, the Spring Book Fair at Montolieu etc…



- Walking or Cycling through the vineyards, the heathlands or The Black Mountain.
- 18 hole Golf Course at Carcassonne.
- Horseback riding in the surrounding area.
- Kayaking and watersports, angling in the lakes and rivers of the Aude.
- Gliding, climbing and archery facilities are available.
- Visiting the underground worlds of the caves of Limousis and Cabrespine.


Discover the quality and richness of the local produce ( wines, fruits, olives, honey, cheeses, meats…) which are widely available to taste in the local "auberges" - not forgetting of course the famous "cassoulet", "foie gras", "magrets" and "confits" and other traditional regional delicacies.

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